Create future-friendly content with Content Modeling

Content modeling makes the difference between just writing words to put online and engineering your content – and engineering does sound better, doesn’t it? Compared to our fancy technical infrastructure, we usually don’t structure our content nearly as well. But like well-engineered code makes the codebase more maintainable and reusable, content modeling does the same […]

An Intro to ContentOps for Small Teams

You probably know the term DevOps: With DevOps, developers aim to do their jobs better with less friction by constantly improving how they do them. It’s a practice to optimize the efficiency and reliability of systems through automation and continuous delivery. The same is true for ContentOps. We want to make working with content more […]

Why bootstrapped content products suck

A list of tech podcasts. The ultimate guide to entrepreneurship.A handpicked selection of top Slack groups.A resource collection for growth hackers. You know these kinds of products by fellow indie makers and creators. Many of them suck – but not because they are not well-made or the idea behind them isn’t useful. It’s because most […]