Hi, I’m Melanie!

I’m connecting the dots between being an indie maker and the fields of content operations and content strategy. On this blog you’ll find thoughts on how to tackle the beast that is content successfully as a maker (or bootstrapper, solopreneur, startup, indie hacker.. – whatever you call yourself).

I’ll share stories about content experiments from my own projects here, but also things that resonated with me during my Content Strategy studies at FH Joanneum. I will also touch topics like UX, branding, SEO, storytelling or coding.

You don’t have to be an indie maker to take away insights, though. I want to inspire everyone dealing with content to do so in an iterative, creative way. So let yourself be excited by the mindset of a Company of One and take the tidbits that work for you.

Want to get in touch?

You can email me at melanie at nifty dot at, or find me on Twitter or Telegram.